Founded in Madeira Island by the hand of Mr. Vidinha (Father), starts its activity in 1945, working in the local market of fresh fish.

Despite its insularity, has been seeking to be a global brand, to have customers and partners on all over the world, to be with the Portuguese communities and to look for new market segments, taking advantage of its flexibility and agility.

It has employees with many years of experience in the fish sector. Some have been working in this sector for over twenty five years.

The ability to buy and sell all species of fresh fish, led to the expansion of its activity to the processing and freezing industry, allowing to offer a wide variety of products.

Currently, the group is led by his son João Nascimento, who took on this challenge in 1996. Characterized by his determination to face new challenges, boosting and encouraging all around him in order to achieve the desired goals, enabling the development and Group growing innovation.

This spirit makes Vidinha Group the largest national exporter of tuna, with a Portuguese market quota of over 70% and one of the players supplying the black scabbard fish.
This scenario translates into over 3500 tons / year of tuna and about 750 tons / year of black scabbard fish, which proves and strengthens its supply capacity.


With more than 70 years of experience the Vidinha group is a strong brand that has won the trust of customers and consumers. All thanks to a serious work, focused on the quality of its products and services to meet the highest standards and demands of the market


Respects the preservation of the seas, using artisanal fishing methods to catch the fish (one by one), always respecting the sustainability of the species.


Invests and values its employees, as they are mainly responsible for the quality and success of the brand.


Being quality and innovation a fact taken and absorbed in the Vidinha Group, it understands that the only way to be in the market is through serious commitment and competitive dynamics.



On the same day we receive an order, we prepare, process and pack it, seeking to place it in any market as quickly as possible.

With a solid expansion strategy, the Vidinha Group is affirming itself in the 4 corners of the world. It seeks to maximize success in the markets where it operates by treating each market as unique – think global, act local.

International positioning as a reference player – With an excellent customer base, it is committed to creating synergies, promoting partnerships and a strong expansion strategy to guarantee its and its customers’ future.


  • Portugal
  • Spain
  • Italy
  • France
  • England
  • USA
  • Canada
  • Japan
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Considering his vast experience and market presence, the Vidinha group presents financial indicators of excellence, whose action has become, over time, globally. Invests in innovation and implementation of more stringent control systems and production management providing guests with the best quality / price ratio on the market. More than selling fish and other frozen food products, it wants to sell solutions and services that cut costs and maximize quality, with continuity and consistency.



The Vidinha Group assumes food security as a key element in its operation. Its mission is to provide high quality products, seeking to meet and exceed the requirements and expectations of its customers. It implemented a best practice manual in its facilities, ensuring the application of the hygiene and food safety rules imposed by the current legislation.


Given the current economic situation is increasingly important that the fisheries sector does not turn their backs to their suppliers: the fishermen.

The Vidinha Group, knowing firsthand about its difficulties, invests, values and supports fishermen, as part of the activity of the company that understands that it is mandatory requirement to contribute in every way possible to help the fishing fleets, as they are one of the main responsible for the quality and success of the brand.

"It is the consolidation of the work we have been doing with the objective of boosting the local economy."


The Vidinha group sees solidarity actions as an integral part of its activity, contributing whenever possible to helping the community. Its social responsibility initiatives support some institutions, based on the group's philosophy of sharing their successes with the community around them.